Shijiazhuang gallery (Museum of Fine-Arts of Shijiazhuang):
make art accessible to public life (Culture and arts should be close to the people and their lives)

     Shijiazhuang art gallery is located in the beautiful Yuxi park. It covers 0.01Square Kilometers area,and GFA(Gross Floor Area) is 12000 square meters, is the symbol of the provincial capital shijiazhuang cultural facilities. The main exhibition area for the upper and lower two floors, has 300-600 square meters of modern professional art exhibition hall,The first floor exhibition hall is 4.2 meters tall, white exhibition wall adopted the most advanced nanometer light cloth, downy light scattered to the picture, give a person with natural light exhibition effect; Exhibition hall on the second floor is 6 meters high, all adopt the skylight and colored glaze glass design, combining the both energy saving and avoid direct sunlight, the design of exhibition space and light, is incomparable general art gallery; Underground, with humanized design of the outdoor coffee lounge, in the exhibition to provide high quality recreational environment.Besides it also has a collection of standard construction is designed according to the National Treasury.
    Shijiazhuang art gallery since December 18, 2010 formally completed the opening, is open to citizens free, obtained the widespread recognition and praise from all sectors of society, nurtures the soul and culture cultivates the mind.  Held in the opening of the fine arts exhibition "at the top of the Yan zhao", focusing on the hebei art elite decades of outstanding works. Many of the organs, enterprises and institutions, schools, kindergartens and other collective organization to come to the exhibition, opening on the day of the audience as many as 11000 people; During the Spring Festival, more than 6000 people visited it every day. Today, attendance reached 190000, it have received more than 50 visiting groups.
    Since it opens, shijiazhuang art gallery pays much attention to the quality and academic of exhibitions and displays, strictly control every exhibition and every painting in order to improve the overall quality and the influence of the art galary,playing the guideing role of the development of shijiazhuang. And for enriching the content of the exhibition, promote the appreciative, in addition to the part of the museum boutique display for a long time, updated constantly,every month 5 or 6 times, attracted professional and amateurs to learn and visit. Especially "the national major historical themes shijiazhuang art creation engineering works exhibition" since its opening,aroused strongrepercussions among all walks of life, 500 or 600 audiences per day, more than one thousand people on weekends, even the audience many surrounding counties(cities) such as Baoding, Xingtai, Hengshui,went there to watch this show.
    While doing daily work well, setting up publicity efforts progressively,expanding influence. "National major historical themes shijiazhuang art creation engineering works exhibition" opened in a month, including the Chinese Culture Daily, Yanzhao Metropolis Daily, Hebei television and Radio, Shijiazhuang television and radio, Shijiazhuang Daily, Yanzhao Evening News and other news media they publish or broadcast news more than 30 times. Xinhua Net,, China Daily website, Phoenix, Sohu net, Sina and other web carried a lot of the mainstream news publish and transshipment our city tour, till October 15, search information related to the national major historical themes - hebei 1280000, search information related to the national major historical themes, shijiazhuang 1140000.

Shijiazhuang east side gallery

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Art gallery, exhibition hall on the ground floor

Art gallery on the first floor hall corridor

Art gallery, exhibition hall on the second floor


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